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Meet the cast of Of A Demon:

JJ Barnes as JJ/Jude

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JJ Barnes

While primarily known as a writer, on screen JJ Barnes has previously appeared as Bethany Palmer in the independent film Hollowhood, and is now set to take on the role of JJ in Of A Demon.

JJ’s role is to film and document events leading up to an Of Demons performance, sharing her experiences and thoughts of the process, and how she interacts with the others involved. JJ is a neurotic and highly driven content creator who is keen for new experiences, even if they’re not the best choices. She is in a relationship with Jonathan, and lives and works in Stafford town.

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Jonathan McKinney as Jon

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Jonathan McKinney is best known as a writer and composer, and has appeared on screen as Jim O’Donnell in the film Hollowhood. In Of A Demon, Jonathan is taking on the role of Jon.

Jon is a world weary music producer of the metal band Of Demons, who also works in The Greyhound and The Bear And Pheasant Pub as his regular job. Jon is skeptical of the need to make a documentary film about the band, and too tired to really be enthusiastic about the project, but goes along with it because of JJ’s enthusiasm. He generally finds content creation and self promotion to be an embarrassing task to be avoided when possible.

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Katherine Swift as Kat/Kato Djin

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Katherine Swift

Katherine Swift performs as Kato Djin in the alt-metal band Of Demons, as well as being a seasoned actress and performer. In Of A Demon, she takes the role of Kat.

Kat is a metal singer with an important event in the near future. While she presents as confident to the world, in truth she is anxious and desperate to avoid failure. The documentary film follows Kat and her band, explores perceptions of their music amongst the general public, and questions how far Kat is willing to go to succeed.

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Vicky Burke as Vicky

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Vicky Burke

Singer and actress Vicky Burke is best known for her role as Penny Jones in the film Hollowhood. She joins the cast of Of A Demon as Vicky.

Vicky is an aspiring actress and close friend of JJ who is somewhat disappointed that her new role is as herself in a documentary, rather than as a star in a glossy production. However, as she is a loyal friend, she is willing to go along with JJ’s latest project. Vicky has a sharp tongue and a strong will that sometimes masks a heart of gold, and she is willing to do anything her friends need, even if it goes against her better judgement.

Leo Parkes as Leo

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Leo Parkes

Leo Parkes is a singer and actor best known for his role as the lovelorn Andy Harkness in the film Hollowhood. He joins Of A Demon as Leo.

Leo is an aspiring actor and best friend of Vicky, who he adores. He is easy going and sensitive, willing to go along with the documentary and JJ’s ideas even if he doesn’t agree because he’s compassionate, but also strong enough to be honest about his opinions when he has them, even if they’re unpopular.

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Alison S. Rubin as Alison

Alison S. Rubin

Having performed as Ally Amber on the soundtrack to Hollowhood, Alison S. Rubin now moves to in front of the camera in the role of Alison in Of A Demon.

Alison is an old family friend of JJ who is visiting with her parents, Elizabeth and Paul. Alison is a bubbly, energetic and loud American, always on the prowl for the next new man and the next new experience, and a huge cheerleader for JJ, believing in her and encouraging her with ideas, even if logically she knows they’re probably not the best.

Josette Celeste as Josette

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Josette Celeste

Josette Celeste is an actress currently based in Nashville, TN, best known for her role as Harriet in Hollowhood. In Of A Demon, she takes the remote role of Josette, JJ’s friend who is always available to video chat if the time difference allows.

Josette is a tiny ball of love, empathy and energy. A spiritual, nature loving creative who believes in the power of God, the power of Love, and the power of self. Josette is the perfect audience for some of JJ’s more wild flights of fantasy, and perfect at honing in on what matters to her and why, while not disbelieving her or letting her feel like she’s crazy. Josette is sunshine in a phone screen.

Mark Bradford as Mark

Mark Bradford is the CEO of the Shelby Pub Company in Stafford, and owner of two of the locations used to make Of A Demon, he also appears in the film as Mark.

Mark is Jon’s boss, and a good boss at that. He is willing to let JJ film in the pubs and interview is customers, as long as she doesn’t cause trouble and makes his pubs look good. He is supportive of Jon’s music career and enjoys creativity and passion in his employees, as long as they can keep the beer flowing and the customers smiling.

Will Smith as Will

Will is the manager of The Bear And Pheasant, and is appearing in Of A Demon as Will.

Will is Jon’s boss, and a charming and competent man who enjoys Jon’s company, a pint of beer, and long chats. He finds JJ and her documentary equally baffling in different ways, but out of his respect for Jon and his music work, he agrees to the filming, as long as JJ doesn’t annoy anybody too much.

Craig Shearer as Craig

Craig Shearer is appearing as Craig in Of A Demon.

Craig is a close friend and co-worker of Jon at The Greyhound. He likes JJ and is more than happy to be involved in her documentary, and is more sympathetic to her wild ideas than Jon is, but also totally understands Jon’s beleaguered nature as he doesn’t have to live with JJ.

Jade as Jade

Jade is appearing in Of A Demon as Jade.

Jade works with Pete at the metal magazine website who are making the documentary about Of Demons with JJ and Jon. Jade’s job involves interacting with the performers to get the best out of them, and making them feel comfortable on camera. Jade is sweet and positive, enthusiastic about her work, and good at relating to people, even if they’re challenging.

Pete as Pete

Pete is appearing in Of A Demon as Pete.

Pete works with Jade at the metal magazine website who are making the documentary about Of Demons with JJ and Jon. Pete is a genuine fan of metal music who spent his formative years enjoying the music before having his passion somewhat depleted by working in the music industry. He is world weary, sick of people’s bullshit, and has no problem calling it out when people are annoying him.

Elizabeth Albright as Elizabeth

Elizabeth Albright is appearing in Of A Demon as the mother of JJ, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth loves to celebrate JJ’s successes and accomplishments, but sometimes worries her daughter is too flakey and should get a “proper” job.

Paul Albright as Paul

Paul Albright is appearing in Of A Demon as JJ’s father, Paul.

Paul is a sceptic who doesn’t hold with supernatural nonsense, so finds JJ’s flights of fantasy annoying and doesn’t mind telling her, but he is also very keen to celebrate her career successes.

Maggie Bamber as Maggie

Maggie Bamber is appearing in Of A Demon as the mother of Jon, Maggie.

Maggie is Jon’s mother and keen to talk about the work he’s doing and her aspirations for his future success.

Tony Bamber as Tony

Tony Bamber is appearing in Of A Demon as Jon’s stepfather, Tony.

Tony is married to Maggie and Jon’s stepfather. He is interested in the creative and technical process that goes into the music and the film.